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Discover a new way to rent

MotionTribe is a collaborative rental platform that helps filmmaking and photography professionals rent production equipment to each other. We also help you insure all rentals.

With MotionTribe, access a wide range of equipment, close to you and at a great price. For owners it is also a great way to make more income with your gear, without taking any risk.

More information on our website :

Getting Started

Sign Up

Click on the « Sign up » button, fill in the short form and send your request.

Vetting Process

In order to insure maximum trust on MotionTribe, we verify all member applications before validation. After sending the sign up form, send us a copy of your ID card ( and if you wish to add gear, please also send us your VAT number. We’ll verify your account within 24 hours but if you have an urgent rental request, just let us know in the subject (or call us) and we’ll do it right away!

Set up your PayPal account

MotionTribe uses PayPal to process payments. When you send a rental request you will be asked to pre-approve a PayPal transfer. Please make sure that your PayPal account is verified and has a valid credit card associated or enough credit.

To receive payments (owners), you can link your PayPal account in your MotionTribe settings.

All set!

You can now search for equipment, enter your shooting dates, choose your insurance and send your rental request. You can also add your own equipment very easily.

You have some question?  Please check the Support Website or use the online chat on the lower right corner (during business hours).