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How to shoot slow motion Sony PXW-FS7

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How to shoot slow motion Sony PXW-FS7

The FS7 can shoot up to 150 fps in PAL mode and 180 fps in NTSC mode. In 4K slow motion is limited to 60 fps.
You can easily switch between regular speed and slow motion by pressing the S&Q button on the left side of the camera. This way the camera will switch between 25 fps and a preselected speed that you can assign from the menu.

You can activate S&Q motion:
- Go to the Recording menu in the main camera menu
- Select S&Q Motion
- You can leave 'Setting' to Off
- Set 'High Frame Rate Mode' to full scan
- Select you desired Frame Rate.

Important notes:
When shooting in Cine EI, MLUTs cannot be turned on. So watch your levels carefully.
You can't record sound when shooting at higher frame rates.
If you can only select a minimum frame rate of 60 fps, check is the camera is not set to 4K. Go to System=>Rec Format=>Video Format