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How to set the white balance on Sony PXW-FS7

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How to set the white balance on Sony PXW-FS7

When setting the white balance on the FS7, there is a difference if you are shooting in Custom Mode or in Cine EI.

Custom mode:

- Choose ATW (Auto Tracing White balance) if you want your white balance to be set automatically. You can turn this on or off by pressing the WHT BAL button to the left side of the camera.

- Use preset mode: Set the white balance switch on the left side of the camera to preset.

- Using the Memory Modes: Nest to the preset Mode, you can assign so separate white balances to the A and B switches. You can select color temperatures ranging from 1500K to 5000K

Cine EI mode:

In Cine EI mode you can't use ATW or set a specific white balance. You can only use the standard options of 3200K, 4300K and 5500K and later correct it during color grading (which will work fine because that's what Cine EI is designed for).